Dr. Ace G. Pilkington

Office: MC 224

Office Phone: 652-7809



Ace G. Pilkington is Professor of English and Chair of Humanities and Social Sciences at Dixie College. He earned his doctorate in Shakespeare at Oxford University (1988), and his book, Screening Shakespeare from Richard II to Henry V, was published by the University of Delaware Press in 1991. Cambridge University Press’s Shakespeare and the Moving Image (1994) included his essay on Zeffirelli. He is Literary Seminar Director at the Utah Shakespearean Festival (1986-present), where he has also served as dramaturg.

Pilkington’s poetry has been published in five countries and over sixty publications, including America, The Christian Science Monitor, Poetry Wales, Poetry Australia, Poetry Kanto (Japan), Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Interim, National Storytelling Journal, Orbis (England), Outposts Poetry Quarterly (England), Poetry and Audience (England), Prospice, New Mexico Humanities Review, and Weber Studies. His poem "The Robots’ Farewell to the Master (For Isaac Asimov)" won the Readers’ Choice Award for Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine for 1992. His play Our Lady Guenevere received its first production in 1997 as part of the Utah Shakespearean Festival's New Plays-in-Progress series, and he is currently writing a monthly column for Speculative Fiction & Beyond, an electronic magazine.

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