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Dixie State College Leads Utah in 2009 Fall Enrollment Growth Percentage

(ST. GEORGE, Utah – October 5, 2009) As Dixie State College of Utah enters its Homecoming Week festivities Monday, it will do so with the highest enrollment growth percentage increase in the state, as DSC officials announced a skyrocketing rise in the institution’s 2009 Fall Semester enrollment numbers. The Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) officially released its third week enrollment figures for the fall semester, which showed that DSC posted USHE system-high 22.78% increase in total headcount with 7,911 students, 1,468 students ahead of last year’s total of 6,443.

DSC’s full-time equivalency (FTE*) figures for the fall semester also rose a system-best 25% with 5,569 students, compared to 4,422 students this time last year. In addition, the College’s Budget Related FTE experienced the highest-percentage increase in USHE at over 25% overall with 5,420 students, up 1,089 students from last year’s total of 4,332.
DSC President Dr. Stephen D. Nadauld and other college officials credit Dixie’s unprecedented enrollment growth to a number of factors, including a successful recruiting effort, which came on the heels of DSC’s growth spurt from a year ago. Officials also credit the addition of new baccalaureate and associate degree programs, affordable tuition costs, talented and dedicated faculty, and the current economic climate, as other factors that played a role in DSC’s enrollment increase.

“We’re excited because the growth in our enrollment is a harbinger of growth in the economy,” President Nadauld said. “In fact, the economy cannot grow unless we produce the educated young men and women for the workforce. The fact that we have such strong enrollment growth sends a very positive signal for this part of the state.

“Our enrollment growth is very strong and we are grateful to our faculty and staff who are doing a heroic job in accommodating our students,” Nadauld added.
Part of Dixie State’s extraordinary enrollment growth is a 22% increase in first-time freshmen with 1,741 students, the largest freshman class in school history, which includes 1,231 new freshmen just out of high school. In addition, DSC saw a 31% increase in upper division enrollment with 1,482 students, up 351 students from last year, which Nadauld attributes to the while the institution also welcomed 512 new transfer students from other institutions, a 31% rise (391 total transfer students in 2008) from a year ago.

Dixie State also saw a near 60% percent bump in minority student enrollment from this time last year, which Nadauld lauded as a chance to give even more students an opportunity to take advantage of what a college education has to offer.

“We have our largest freshman class in history, so our enrollment growth is not just the function of people coming back out of the workforce,” President Nadauld noted. “We’re doing a great job in recruiting. We’re recruiting the right students for our institution and we’re recruiting them from the right places. That is showing up with our minority enrollment and our other enrollment programs. We are growing because of good enrollment management as well as the economy.”
Established in 1911 and built on the site of the first pioneer encampment in St. George, Dixie State College of Utah strives to help students to define, shape and achieve educational and life goals. Dixie State College is dedicated to providing personalized and excellent teaching in a learning environment where all students can become passionate about their individual educational endeavors.
Dixie State College offers associate degrees and certificate programs, but has also offered a limited number of high demand baccalaureate programs since 2000. DSC now offers a number of baccalaureate programs in core or foundational areas consistent with four-year colleges.
Currently, Dixie State College students can earn baccalaureate degrees in 12 areas of study. Recently, Dixie State added four-year degrees in accounting, aviation management, communication, dental hygiene, integrated studies and music. Students can also earn bachelor’s degrees in biology, business administration, with emphases in accounting, finance and visual technology, as well as computer & information technology, elementary education, English and nursing.
Dixie State’s new mission will pave the way to more and more bachelor’s degrees in the coming years. (Please visit the college’s website – - for the most updated list of programs.)

*One FTE is defined as any combination of 15 units of credit enrolled in by one or more students. For example, if a student is taking 15 credit hours, that equals one FTE. If 15 students take one credit, that equals one FTE as well.

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Dixie State College Pres. Stephen Nadauld