Population  of Washington County    91,104
Student Head Count 6,945
Student FTE  
      Dixie College      Pres. Robert Huddleston


In 2000, the population of St. George was 50,000, with such developments as a five story 137 bed regional hospital (Dixie Regional Medical Center) and 138 medical doctors to serve Washington County (and its 90,000 residents in 2000) as well as the surrounding tri-state area. Ground breaking will take place in 2000 for a new five story, 144 bed hospital on River Road which will have the name: Dixie Regional Medical Center, and making it a two campus hospital. 


An Elderhostel program is housed in the old Dixiana dormitory in midtown, now named the College Inn, and during the 1999-2000 year, attracted over 2,500 retirees to St. George for weeklong courses. The Elderhostel Program has expanded to include 22 locations. In addition to offering Baccalaureate programs, many re-entry programs, GED high school diplomas, Developmental Education programs, and Short Term Intensive Training programs (STIT) for industry, attract students from far and wide and contribute in signaling Dixie's change from a junior to a state college.


          Fall Quarter 2000, Dixie College enrolled 6,945 students (compared to 6,191 Fall Quarter 1999, 5,716 Fall Quarter 1998 and 5,501 Fall Quarter 1997) and is expected to enroll 10,000 students as Baccalaureate degrees will allow such an increase in the next few years while St. George continues its steady growth into one of America's most desirable communities.


Strong academic programs in the Sciences, Liberal Arts, Fine Arts, Computer Technology, Business Administration, Trades and Industries, Physical Education and Continuing Education attract students of all ages.


The Utah State Legislature granted a name change from Dixie College to Dixie State College and Baccalaureate degree status in 2000 in recognition of the growth from approximately 2500 students in 1990 to approximately 7000 students in 2000.


Dixie State College has increasingly taken on a vital role in the economic development of Southern Utah.  It is indeed a cultural center and serves as the home of the Southwest Symphony Orchestra, the Celebrity Concert Series, and the Southwest Guild, as well as the home of national sports champions. 


Dixie State College won the men's national basketball championship (NJCAA) in 1985, and won the women's national soccer championship (NJCAA) in 2000. Dixie basketball is ranked No.1 in the nation at the end of the 2000-2001basketball season. It is consistently ranked in the top twenty nationally and more often in the top ten. 


The Dixie Rebel football team is also consistently ranked in the top ten teams in the nation. In 2000 rankings, Dixie was No. 2 in the nation, as in 1997 and 1996, and has been in that position a number of times since 1987. It is the home of the Dixie Rotary Bowl. The Dixie College baseball team participated in the national finals, ranked in the top ten in the nation in 1989 and in 2000, and is often ranked in the top twenty.


New Buildings:  Hurricane Education Center


  PVC - Dolowitz Snow Cabin