Population  of Washington County 36,800
Student Head Count 2,191
Student FTE 1,701
Dixie Junior College Pres. Alton L. Wade

1985 Year Book

President Wade became the first president of Dixie College to see an athletic team win a national championship when the Rebels defeated Kankakee College of Illinois, 57 to 55, on March 23, 1985 to become the National NJCAA Basketball champions. 

As Chairman and Executive Director of the Dixie Center Administrative Control Board, he skillfully moved the concepts and ideas into reality, with a groundbreaking ceremony on April 2, 1985.  The center has been called a prototype to be studied and used for similar ventures nationwide. 

Construction on the Dixie Center progressed during the remaining months of President Wade's administration. The center is located just north of the new Football Stadium on 700 east and 400 south and was all but complete when President Wade submitted his resignation as President of Dixie College after he was named as President of the Brigham Young University-Hawaii Campus. 

During his administration, computerization was introduced across the campus with computer equipment provided to every division.  Plans were initiated under President Wade, and funding obtained from State and private sources, to build an addition to the Science Building and to construct a Learning Resource Center.