Population  of Washington County 29,800
Student Head Count 2,010
Student FTE  
Dixie Junior College Pres. Alton L. Wade

1982 Year Book

After the departure of President Kerr to BYU as a Vice President there, the Board of Regents appointed Roland B. Woolley tem­porary President while the selection process was carried on to determine the 13th President of the College. The interim period ran from July to the end of December 1982. 

In looking back at the four years President Kerr was at Dixie, Dr. Ronald Garner of the College Music Depart­ment said, "He was the one who established a strong and lasting feeling of rapport bet­ween the administration and the faculty." 

When he became tem­porary President, Mr. Woolley had been serving as Vice President for Administrative Services since 1976. After the appoint­ment of President Alton L. Wade, he returned to that position. 

Mr. Woolley, in explain­ing why he held the tem­porary office said, "When President Kerr left for BYU, Dr. Peter Nyberg, Vice President for Instructional Services and Dr. Karl Brooks, Vice President for Development and Community Services both became candidates to succeed President Kerr.  At that time, it was agreed by the Board of Regents that the applicants for the position could not act as temporary President, so the board decided I would become temporary President." 

The new Dixie Bell Tennis Courts were constructed, completed and dedicated during 1982 and planning for a new football stadium and remodeled Home Economics Building began that same year.