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Dixie Junior College Pres. Wm. Rolfe Kerr 

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Dixie Junior College Pres. Ferron C. Losee

1976 Year Book

The Institute of Continued Learning was established on the Dixie College campus in 1976, and currently involves well over 1,000 retirees. 

After President Losee retired following the 1975-76 school year, William Rolfe Kerr was selected by the Utah Board of Regents to become the 12th President of Dixie College.  On July 10, 1976, he took office and was in­augurated during the Homecoming Week that fall. 

President Kerr was born in Tremonton, Utah in June 1935, and attended school. He graduated from Bear River High School in 1953, where he served as studentbody president.

He received his BS degree from Utah State Universi­ty in Logan, Utah, in 1960, and was student body president during his senior year.

After graduating from USU, Rolfe entered the United States Army as First Lieutenant and served for two years.  During his service one of his commanding officers called him "the most outstanding Junior Officer I have known in twenty years of military service."

After completing his military service, he returned to Logan and obtained work as a banker.  While in this posi­tion he was approached by USU officials about becoming Assistant Coordinator of Student Activity.

Dr. Kerr and his wife, the former Janeil Raybould, are the parents of six children, four daughters and two sons. 

After two years as assistant, he became Coordinator of Student Government and Frater-nities and in January of 1967, he became Dean of Men at Weber State College in Ogden, Utah. 

Following his position in Ogden, he became Assistant to Elder Paul H. Dunn, Managing Director of the Latter-Day Saints Students Association (LDSSA). 

He then became Assistant Dean of Students and Assistant to the President of the U.S.U. and Assistant to the President for University Relations. He was also Assistant Professor of Educational Administration. He held this position when selected as President of Dixie College. While at the University of Utah he earned his Doctors degree in Higher Education. 

Rolfe Kerr brought to Dixie College a host of talents, among the most important of which was his ability to be a peacemaker, to heal wounds, and to patch up differences to mend fences.  He accomplished this because of his dedication to the Dixie motto: "Emphasis on the Individual".  He had an uncanny ability to make everyone feel important.  Even the briefest acquaintance with Rolfe made one feel that he really cared about you. 

Dr. Kerr knew more about Dixie College and Southern Utah before he arrived on campus than most of the natives know after spen­ding a lifetime here!  He had spent hours reviewing yearbooks, memorizing names and faces so that when he arrived on campus he already knew the faculty and staff.  His ability to remember names endeared him to everyone for what is more flattering than to be remembered by the President of the College when he meets you again after only one brief introduction! 

President Kerr is remembered by most peo­ple on campus as a dynamic, enthusiastic administrator, whose unique strength spearheaded the Cooperative Education Work Program with local businesses, brought about salary increases for the faculty and promoted closer ties between the College and community. 

Dr. Kerr has a keen understanding of human nature, and his distinct leadership changed the word "competition" to "cooperation" between Dixie College, Dixie High School, the Washington County School District, and in areas of service he rendered in the community, such as Chairman of the Board of the Dixie Medical Center.


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