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Dixie Junior College

 Pres. Ferron C. Losee

1973 Year Book

During the 1973-74 school year the Educational Op­portunity Center (EOC) was established with special state and federal appropriations to give students an opportunity to receive instruction and learn individually and at their own speed. The center was intended to give students the opportunity to overcome deficiencies in basic skills.

 Women's competitive athletics began in 1973, as Dixie College joined the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW) and the Intermountain Association as well.  That first year, competition was held in only basket-ball.  However, in 1974 teams were fielded in both volleyball and softball.  The College also finally moved away from the old campus, when the Annex was abandoned in favor of the Atkin Building on Industrial Road. This provided additional space and facilities for Vocational Education Programs such as Aero Technology, and the Building Trades such as woodworking, masonry, plumbing, appren­ticeship and welding.