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Dixie Junior College Pres. Arthur F. Bruhn


        In June of 1961, another request to separate the two programs was sent by President Bruhn to the State Board of Education. The proposal was finally acted upon by President Bruhn and the College Administration during the summer of 1963.  It was about the same time the move was being made from the old campus to the new facilities.

 As President Bruhn and the Administration made the division of the faculty, it was a difficult change for several teachers to accept. They would have preferred to be included on the College staff and when they weren't, they questioned-even challenged the decision.  Officials of the Utah Education Association were called upon to make an investigation, but no changes in the original Administration division were forthcoming.

Following the division of the High School and College programs, Mr. Don Cameron became principal of Dixie High School and remained through the 1978-1979 school year.  The high school remained on the old campus for three years then made the move to the new school plant on 700 south in August of 1966.