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Dixie Junior College Pres. Arthur F. Bruhn

In 1959, the state legislature ap­propriated $724,000 to build the Fine Arts Center.  Earlier money allocated made a total of $924,000 available for the FAC, a Heating Plant, land purchase and campus development.

During construction of the FAC, it was discovered after much of the rough building had already taken place that the Auditorium, which was originally planned for 700 persons, would because of architect’s errors; only hold seating for 529 people.  This caused difficulties in the community and the College and, in fact, delayed construction for some time.

 After much discussion and after several studies had been completed, it was decid­ed that the 529 seats would more than hold the entire college student body and the Auditorium wasn't intended primarily as a community concert hall, but for a student auditorium.  After all, at that time no other College in the state could boast of having a facility large enough for all of their students.

 In July 1959, President Bruhn discovered that the architects had failed to provide for the construction of heat, water, telephone, and electrical lines to the buildings that had been designed.  Working through this and other shortages of funds, the College Administration again had to rely on the generosity of the local citizens and money was raised by the Dixie Education Association to assist with the completion and furnishing of the new FAC.