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 Dixie Junior College Pres. Ellvert H. Himes

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Dixie Junior College Pres. Mathew M. Bentley


Dr. Ellvert H. Himes became President of Dixie College in 1951 following the one-year interim term of Mathew Bentley.  Dr. Himes was born in

 Kansas City, Missouri in 1909 and  graduated from a junior College there with an Associate of Arts degree.  He was valedictorian of his graduating class, 1931, from the University of Utah.  He received his Masters Degree from the University of Kansas in 1937 and his Ph.D from the University of Utah in 1950. 

During his three years at Dixie, he was responsible for the introduction and promotion of Dixie as a Community College.  He established a council, a group of civic and business leaders from St. George and outlying communities.

He affected the first faculty organization at Dixie and began the extended curricular offerings in the evenings for students and community members.  In addition, he established the first on-campus radio station as part of the speech department offerings and instituted the practice of honoring community leaders at commencement and the wearing of academic robes by the faculty at commencement. 

Dr. Himes was quite progressive for a man of his time and was instrumental in establishing new and innovative ideas at the College.

Two large problems faced the College: space for growth and identification with the high school.  For years, President Joseph K. Nicholes looked for land to expand.  Mathew Bentley also searched for alternatives. The options near the campus were very limited. 

In 1951, the State Legislature appropriated money for a new Gymnasium but the location was a stumbling block.  Dr. Ellvert H. Himes Dixie College President, and the Dixie Education Association leaders, despaired of options near the campus and entertained the idea of moving the campus from the center of town.  Once that idea surfaced, it took off. 

President Himes great contribution was the vision of a new campus and finding the area for Dixie to expand.  He organized the campaign not only to solicit donations to finish Dixiana, but for the new campus as well.  He was determined that it would be first rate.