Population  of Washington County    9,800
Student Head Count 240
Student FTE  

Dixie Junior College Pres. Mathew M. Bentley

New President

Dixie Junior College Pres. Glen E. Snow


After the departure of President Snow in 1950, Mathew M. Bentley took over as temporary president for one year. He had been Treasurer of the College for many years and was a man highly respected at the College and in the community.  He knew that his appointment as President was a temporary one, but he took it upon himself to do the best job possible during his time in office.

 Mathew Bentley was born in St George in April, 1896.  He attended the local schools as well as the St. George Stake Academy and went on to graduate from BYU with a BS degree in 1926.

He began employment at Dixie College on August 1, 1926, after being offered a contract for $150 per month by President Joseph K Nicholes.  His responsibilities were varied as he was Secretary, Treasurer and Registrar and taught classes in Typing, Bookkeeping and Economics.

Mrs. Iris Bentley, in a brief biography of her husband said, "He gave 35 years of valued service to our College. He always enjoyed the cooperation, trust and support of those he worked with. He always gave his best efforts to any work he was responsible for." 

He was elected to the St. George City Council for two terms and served as a member of the Utility Commission for 23 years. In remembering President Bentley, Mrs. Dona Parkinson, Associate Professor of Home Economics said, "He was a good financial manager, a very honest and capable person.  He was in charge of the College finances before he became President, and after the one year, he returned to that capacity until he died.  He was also very active in civic affairs."

        President Bentley was keenly knowledgeable, diligent and a financial wizard as well, who handled every facet of administrative responsibility very well.  Those who worked with him as President said the one-year he held the office of president was the most pleasant of the years at Dixie.