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Dixie Junior College     Pres. Edgar M. Jenson

New President

Dixie Normal College  Pres. Joseph K. Nicholes


President Jenson was President until the autumn of 1926, when he and his family went to California where he studied Educational Administration at Stanford University.  After leaving Stan­ford they returned to Brigham Young University where he was named Principal of the Secondary Training School.  He later transferred to BYU’s faculty where he taught art classes and was Director of the Teacher Placement Bureau.  He was associated with the University in the fields of Art and Education until his death on May 29, 1958.  He and his wife were the parents of three daughters.

It was often said that the longer people knew President Jenson, the more they liked him.  He certainly touched the very hearts of the people at Dixie and demonstrated his love for the school in many ways.  He was a methodical, precise and profound leader as well as a skilled artist. Many of his paintings hang in the homes of long time St. George residents.

 After being away from Dixie Junior College for 16 months, Joseph K. Nicholes returned to Dixie where he taught Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry for two years.  With the departure of Edgar Jenson in 1926, he was again appointed President of the College, a position he held until 1933.

 During President Nicholes administrations, 1927 and 1928, the first and second phases of the Science Building were completed.  It was directly across Main Street from the Gymnasium and the Main Building.  In addition to classrooms and labs for the Biological and Physical Sciences, the building also housed the Food and Clothing Labs and the Auto Mechanics Department.