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Dixie Normal College  Pres. Joseph K. Nicholes


During the first period as president, President Nicholes was involved in a proposal to change the College name from Dixie Normal College to Dixie Junior College. The name change was made official in 1923 and a new Board of Trustees was established with representation from the St. George Stake as well as Beaver, Parowan, Kanab, and Panguitch Stakes. 


In May 1923, President Nicholes obtained a one year leave of absence and attended Stanford University to pursue a Master's Degree in Chemistry.  He completed this degree 16 months later. 


When President Nicholes left for the one year, Edgar M. Jenson was appointed President.  Jenson had served as head of the Normal Department of Dixie College for five years when he became President.


Edgar M. Jenson was born in Ephraim, Utah, April 6, 1888, the ninth child of Hans Christian and Nellie Lundstein Jensen.  He graduated from Snow Academy and accepted a teaching position in Ephraim.  His first class numbered 57 and he received a monthly salary of $47.50.  His eight years of teaching so captivated him that he decided to make it his life's work and attended Brigham Young University to pursue a higher degree. 


At BYU he met Ivie Gardner from Pine Valley while they were both working on the school yearbook, The Banyan.  Following graduation in 1918, they were married and he accepted a position as Principal of the Woodward School in St. George.  After four years at Wood­ward he was made President of Dixie College.