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Dixie Normal College  Pres. Hugh M. Woodward


The approval was given on March 22, 1916, to establish normal college work.  The announcement prompted a big town-wide celebration. The next day a report in the Washington County News described the events:  "They celebrated and fired the cannon all day long. They enjoyed parades, bands and floats.  Later all met in the Tabernacle and the Church Supervisor of Schools, W. O. Bentley, talked about the need for the College and all it could accomplish." 

 On March 18, 1916, the Board of Education began plans for a new Gymnasium and Swimming Pool Building.  It was to be 50 feet x 70 feet and cost around $40,000.  It was finished about a year and a half later and was used continuously until 1956 when it was remodeled and used as a library with a section used by the music department.



 In addition to the Gymnasium, a new Shop Building was built, a part of the City District School was converted into a training school for teachers, a civic Library was built and the St. George Tabernacle was made available for chapel services.



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