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St. George Stake Academy  

Pres. Hugh M. Woodward


In 1913, when the first yearbook was printed, it was called "The Dixie".  This name remained until the College and the High School were divided in 1963 and the name "The Dixie" remained with Dixie High School. 

           Principal Woodward really deserves credit for his efforts to establish the school on a firm foundation. In dedicating the 1913 yearbook "The Dixie" to him, the students paralleled his leadership with that of Abraham Lincoln.  "As Abraham Lincoln is to every true American, our principal is to every loyal student: and as the ideals of the one are so in keeping with the life of the other, both will remain enshrined in our hearts till remembrance and love has passed our lives."

 The students also dubbed President Wood­ward, "The Father of our School", a man who had the ability to inspire students to a greater achievement, to live higher lives.  He was a man who came to the school in its very infancy and soon brought it "to front rank".