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On April 4, 1911, President Edward Snow reported at the Board Meeting that Hugh M. Woodward had been hired as principal of the Academy. His wife, Emily was hired as Domestic Science and Domestic Art teacher and Joseph W. McAllister as Music teacher.  Others hired for that first year included Elmer Miller, Miss Maud Snow, David Gourley, Lillian Higbee, William Staheli and Urie MacFarlane as custodian.

    In September, 1911, the construction was still going on as students reported at the beginning of school.  The bottom floor and the Auditorium on the third floor were completed, so school began with construction sounds echoing throughout the occupied classrooms for a big part of that first year.

The school’s initial 42 students partook of a curriculum that included Algebra, Domestic Art, Domestic Science, Economics, English, Geometry, Ancient and Modern History, Physiography, Physiology, Physics, Theology and Music.

Over the coming years there would be several name changes for the institution.  The first and official name for several years was the St. George Stake Academy.  It was later nicknamed Dixie Academy.  The Dixie Academy nickname evolved because people persisted in calling the school the Dixie Academy.  It finally became official.